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Re: Re: Access on private land

Permission to use does not create a prescriptive easement. The quickest way
to prevent prescriptive easement is to give permission and document it.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: "Drin & Jim Becker" <>
> This is why so many ranch/land owners are turning people away these days
> from going through their property ! My husband Jim and I own a small ranch
> here in southwestern Mont. We have never turned anyone away who has wanted
> to fish , ride or hike on our land as long as they ask our permission  and
> do it on foot or horseback .I ask all the bigger ranches around every
> spring for permission to ride on their ground , all it takes is a visit or
> a phone call to keep everyone happy .You would not believe the people that
> come to this valley and use it as their own without asking ANYONE'S
> permission to fish/hike/bike/ride .And I'm sure it is the same everywhere
> .Rancher's put up with people leaving their trash on their land ,people
> letting their dog's and kid's run wild in the "country ", opening gates
> "forgetting "to close them, cutting fence's to get their 4 wheelers &
> motorcycle's through and the list goes on and on .Because these people
> think that they have the right to be on your property whether you want
> there or not ! And we are seeing more and more of these type of people
> every year! So when I see a post like this it just makes me more and more
> want to shut our place off to everyone , why should I take a chance on
> someone trying to take something away from me that I paid for and worked
> damn hard to get ?
>                         Drin Becker
>                         Mtn. Region
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