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Re: Access on private land

Pat writes "Does anyone out there know if and where I can find information
about the
> necessity for private land owners to allow access to trail when the trail
> has been in use for a number of years?
> Thanks for any help or suggestions

This is why so many ranch/land owners are turning people away these days
from going through their property ! My husband Jim and I own a small ranch
here in southwestern Mont. We have never turned anyone away who has wanted
to fish , ride or hike on our land as long as they ask our permission  and
do it on foot or horseback .I ask all the bigger ranches around every
spring for permission to ride on their ground , all it takes is a visit or
a phone call to keep everyone happy .You would not believe the people that
come to this valley and use it as their own without asking ANYONE'S
permission to fish/hike/bike/ride .And I'm sure it is the same everywhere
.Rancher's put up with people leaving their trash on their land ,people
letting their dog's and kid's run wild in the "country ", opening gates and
"forgetting "to close them, cutting fence's to get their 4 wheelers &
motorcycle's through and the list goes on and on .Because these people
think that they have the right to be on your property whether you want them
there or not ! And we are seeing more and more of these type of people
every year! So when I see a post like this it just makes me more and more
want to shut our place off to everyone , why should I take a chance on
someone trying to take something away from me that I paid for and worked
damn hard to get ?
                        Drin Becker
                        Mtn. Region

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