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Re: RC: Wearing Easyboots

In a message dated 3/21/00 6:30:33 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< How long can you leave Easyboots on? >>
If you foam on easyboots then you can leave them on up to ten days.  We ride 
muiltidays (5 days) with them on.  We foam them on the day before and take 
them off when we return home.  This is a very common practice with the 
multiday riders.  I sometimes (if I have to wait for hoof growth) just wrap 
the hoof with vet wrap and slip on easyboots to just go riding that day.  
Then I just take them off after the ride.  Easyboots shouldn't be that hard 
to take on and off.  Attach a string around the heel strap to pull heel strap 
in place.  The more you do it the less time it takes.  It should only take 
less than a minute per boot to put on.
We also use WD40 to soak the foam to clean and pull the boot off.  Sometimes 
it works good and sometimes it does not.  Soaking in water also helps break 
down the foam to clean it off.  But sometimes you have to soak it for a 
couple of days.
Hope this helps out a little.
Tammy & Charlie Robinson
Katie Bar The Door & Ima Liberated Lady (easyboot lovers)

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