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Re: #800 rear D Rings

Went to a David Genadek saddle clinic. His advice is to use the rear D rings
and cinch both front and rear equally. Older western saddles had the rigging
further aft - anywhere from 3/4 to center fire and a  single cinch with
rigging there tends to keep more equal pressure accross the entire bars of
the saddle. But with modern western saddles with forward rigging, the only
way to equalize that pressure is to use the rear cinch - and not slack. From
a physics standpoint, this makes eminent sense.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: "Don Pollock" <>

> John I also have a #800 Endurance Saddle and have never though about using
> rear D's as you describe.  Sportack has a "Quick Cinch" for $99.95 if
> what you are referring to in your post (RC 444). I am accustomed to
> about the extra set of D's as a leftover from the Western working saddles
> used a latigo to keep the back of the saddle from "rearing" up while
roping and
> is not ever tight.
> I suppose the "Quick Cinch" idea makes sense but for now my saddle doesn't
> and is secure enough with breast collar and crupper. The "Y rig" isn't
from the
> rear D ring it's the rigging supporting the main Cinch rings.  The Quick
> makes a second "Y" beyond this If I am correctly looking at the
illustration in
> Sportack's brochure and as you suggest it doesn't seem to have enough
angle in
> the "Y" to make the span between the two rings.  I hope I've made sense
> good luck and keep us up in what you find out here on Ridecamp.

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