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Re: Computer question

No validity, it is a hoax. And rather than try and track every virus,
suspect everything but e-mail and attachments known not to harbor viruses
(graphics and audios: .jpg, .gif, .wav are safe - there are many others, but
it is up to you to understand what software is going to use any given file
type on your computer and whether there is any way that software can run
executable code from that file type. If you don't know, don't open the
attachment. Actually most viruses tend to be .exe files and only a fool
opens a .exe unless they know the ORIGINAL source of the code (not just who
sent it to you). Others that are sometimes use are Word files and Exel files
(.doc and .xls where a macro can execute code), assuming you have that
software installed. Again, there are many others. Know your software.

In most cases, mail forwarded to you is a hoax with the exception of mail
indicating that a virus was sent on a particular list (like ridecamp). There
are other clues, AOL, Microsoft, and Compaq do not send out virus alerts.

Duncan Fletcher

----- Original Message -----
From: "Claudia Provin" <>
To: "ridecamp" <>
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 7:46 PM
Subject: RC: Computer question

> The message below was forwarded to me---is there any validity in it????
> Claudia
> > letter in from microsoft  new virius  one  a wobbler title  California
> worse
> > than melissa    the ohter  Win a holiday  destroys dard drive   do not
> open
> > delete   mary
> >

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