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#800 rear D Rings

John I also have a #800 Endurance Saddle and have never though about using the
rear D's as you describe.  Sportack has a "Quick Cinch" for $99.95 if that's
what you are referring to in your post (RC 444). I am accustomed to thinking
about the extra set of D's as a leftover from the Western working saddles which
used a latigo to keep the back of the saddle from "rearing" up while roping and
is not ever tight.

I suppose the "Quick Cinch" idea makes sense but for now my saddle doesn't move
and is secure enough with breast collar and crupper. The "Y rig" isn't from the
rear D ring it's the rigging supporting the main Cinch rings.  The Quick Cinch
makes a second "Y" beyond this If I am correctly looking at the illustration in 
Sportack's brochure and as you suggest it doesn't seem to have enough angle in
the "Y" to make the span between the two rings.  I hope I've made sense here. 
good luck and keep us up in what you find out here on Ridecamp.
n:Pollock;Don & Linda
adr;quoted-printable:;;Oak Hill Farm=0D=0A1400 Birdie Road;Lawrenceburg;Kentucky;40342;
fn:Don & Linda Pollock & JR n Bay Star

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