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Re: Re: Horseshoes???

I gotta ask what you ride on. I can't get a reset with aluminum shoes if the
horse does nothing but wander around the pasture. Any serious riding and the
shoe is off (as in worn off) by week 5.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: "Maggie Mieske" <>

> They worked just fine....I thought they might help Jonathan with his
> stumbles but since his stumbles are only due to laziness, they weren't
> really necessary.  They are about $7-$8 a pair vs. $4-5 a pair for the
> steel ones.  They don't last as long as steel, of course.  But I do think
> we got one reset out of Jonathan's...included a couple of fifty milers and
> conditioning miles as well.  We had a light season last year.  I'm
> with steel this year.
> Maggie Mieske

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