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AERC Endurance News

I received my  February/March 2000 issue of the Endurance News today. I have
several questions that need answering and believe that you can provide the

1. Who is paying for the full color advertisement on page 31? This is with
out doubt a political insert within the magazine. It was an insult to the
general membership that they be subjected to such a "blatant sell" for the
benefit of 5% of the organization

2. When is the AERC Membership to receive a full financial disclosure
including the year 2000 budget, the 1999 budget/actual comparison and the
status of the several "independent" funds such as the Trails Committee, the
Technical Committee, The Drug Testing and the International Committee.

3. Who is controlling the content of the AERC Endurance News? Terrific that
the advertisement regarding the FEI Code of Conduct gets full color and the
AERC 2000 National Championship gets single drab black and white (with
shades of gray in the background)!

4. As I have noted in the past, the expenses for the News and for the
International Committee will be running (as far as I can determine) well
over any anticipated income. Is this the proper way to conduct business?

5. Please furnish a rate card for advertising in the AERC Endurance News so
every one may be made aware of what is going on with OUR publication.

6. Is it not in the interests of the Membership for them to be knowledgeable
of the operations of the corporation or is this just to be disseminated to
the Board of Directors and the Members treated as mushrooms?

Your immediate answers would be appreciated.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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