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Re: RC: Where's the best vet in S. CA?

The best vet I know of is Charlie Boles in Solvaang. He started Alamo
Pintado with Doug Herthel and then left to go on his own when there were
so many interns and he felt he no longer had the one-on-one with his
clients. He specializes in legs and is a board certified surgeon. He
works with Flag Is Up and most of the "High Roller Farms" in Santa
Ynez--- plus he has TONS of integrity and loves horses. He used to be a
professor for the vet college on the East Coast and is responsible for
inventing many surgical procedures. He has been selected as the official
Olympic vet here twice. You can't do any better than Charlie--- I'd
rather have him operate on me than MD's. AND he is really fair cost-wise
(much cheaper than Alamo, where there have to cover the cost of their
very fancy equipment and high overhead). People fly in from all over for
His number is 805 688-2825. Tell him I referred you; he frequently
cannot take on new clients, but I have known him forever. Tell him I
said you should not go to ANYONE else<BG>! Plead your case to Dina.
Good luck!

Kristen L Olko wrote:
> My horse is head bobbing. She's been adjusted, rested and massaged
> and it STILL won't go away. She gets Arthro silk injections monthly.
> She's
> 13 years old and this started after she finished 100 miles , sound, at
> Death Valley.
> Barney, at 20 Mule Team, says he sees it being in the right shoulder.
> So where is the best vet / clinic for this type of injury exploration in
> southern CA?
> Kris
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