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Re: Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

A "keep comfortable order" can still mean a feeding tube.  And once it's
in, especially if you have family members who disagree, it can be really
tough to get i removed.  It's not necessarily considered a heroic measure -
depends on who you're dealing with as far as doctors and family members.

> From: Claudia Provin <>
> To:
> Subject: RC:  Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter
> Date: Friday, March 17, 2000 10:49 AM
> >  You plug in all the tubes, you feed it drugs, you administer
> >  feedings, you give it oxygen to help breathing, you do every thing
> >  let it die peacefully with respect.
> >
> >  Oh well, you are just being respectful and caring. >>
> >
> Well.   Thank God (and people) for Texas - again.    Here the person
> still lucid) and/or the family if the patient is not lucid, can sign a Do
> Not Resuscitate order to avoid "heroic measures" in hopeless cases, AND
> have all life support withdrawn in hopeless cases, with "comfort care
> only" - which means that nothing will be done to prolong life, but the
> patient will be kept comfortable and out of pain until passing away
> peacefully, with as much dignity as possible.
> Claudia
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