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beet pulp soaking

>When I've fed beet pulp, I just add HOT water and it expands as you
watch it.  By the time I've carried the bucket 75 feet, the beet pulp is
>soaked enough 
>for the horse to eat it. Also, no bad results.

I'll bet you're feeding the flaked stuff.  The pellets take longer.  At
my last 50 I noticed the person parked next to me had given his horse
pellets that weren't completely soaked.  I though, "I wouldn't do that
after a ride".  In the middle of the night I got up without a flashlight
to check on Kaboot and noticed that in the moonlight his pan looked like
it had some of those partially soaked pellets in it.  I was upset
thinking he may have gotten some of theirs and I grabbed a handfull of it
to see if the insides of the pellets were still hard.  Well... should
have taken a flashlight.  I had a nice handfull of warm green manure
smashed in my hand and nowhere to wash. >g<  I hate it when they poop in
their feed pan.


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