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out of office mail is normally a plus

In response to:

Why doesn't someone Stateside contact this guy's assistant, name & tel
below and see if she can't sort the problem out?


Actually having this is a very normal thing and one that people
should do when out of the office.  I personally don't like sending
someone a request - and not getting a response - then later finding
they were out of the office for an extended period.  Getting an 
out of office or vacation mail message is the right thing to happen.

But - the flaw is that the program on his end is supposed to be smart
enough to recognize that it has sent this message to a sender before
and not do it more than once a week.  His s/w may not do that -
or depending on how the mail comes from RC - it may look like a 
different sender each time from the posters name.

The only thing I can offer is that the digest is not seeing any of
the out of office replies...  Perhaps you might want to switch until
April 6... |-)

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