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Re: RC: Flatulence/Spooky Arab

> Date:          Thu, 16 Mar 2000 18:47:41 EST
> From:
> To:  ,
> Subject:       RC:   Flatulence

> I feed my gelding psyllium 5 days a month for sand. Talk about gas! He 
> actually let a big one, spooked and jumped forward, and then turned his head 
> around and looked at his butt!
>                                                      Shelly in DE
>                                                       Jabar (it wasn't me!)
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Modesty kept me from posting this tidbit when the spooky  arab thread 
was going, but hey, it's a slow day and snowing as well,  so here goes.

One of my mare's biggest spooks occurred while we were trotting down 
the trail and I heartily "broke wind" while doing a rising trot.  
Can't remember what I had eaten, but she nearly unseated me.

Judy & 
Hilary.....gosh, Mom, how uncouth!!
Newburgh, ME

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