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Re: RC: Re: RE: Interval Training

Tom Ivers wrote:

> Do you have a nice long hell anywhere nearby?

Oh Tom, I love it.  My life is one long hell...........!!

No, seriously, we've got NO hills, just pimples, which is why I work on the

> Right at about 3 weeks out, you should start to taper back--gradually cut
the mileage (don't stop, just taper) and gradually go shorter, sharper. Last
hard work tend days out. Short and sharp.

Do you mean the total mileage, ie trail mileage as well, or are you just
talking IT mileage?

Can you give me an example of "short and sharp"?

> At your sharpest, 160 HR sustained would be a good target, but you have to
be careful on that track. Look for a hill.

160HR sustained for how long?  For the length (15 mins) of my resistance

I mentioned that normally I would build towards a total of 2 hours
resistance training in one session, mixed with the sprints & the recovery
periods.  Is this OK?

I read that Ben Salou left France ready to do 160kms and then spent a month
doing 3 hours a day six days a week.  What sort of distances and what sort
of HR?

None of the rides my horse is scheduled to do are flat rides so I'm not
seeking to emulate this sort of training routine.  Would just like if
possible to adapt my training so he can go faster for longer, particularly
up the hills.

> If nothing else, I'm prompt.

No complaints.

> We've used as much as 4 oz every hour--don't forget the
electrolytes--should probably be about half that amount at the same
frequency--possibly more.

Would you restrict use of carbs to 100 mile rides or would you use them on
shorter distances?

Thanks again for your help.


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