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RE: Careful Girls!

<<This is an interesting viewpoint.  What it sounds like you are saying is that when the consequences for adultery include the possibility of being stoned to death then girls should be careful.  The implication or unspoken reality being that when the consequences do not include being stoned to death then girls need not worry.>>
I think the warning also means "be careful of the APPEARANCE of impropriety."  What we may consider playful flirting or just being friendly may get you in trouble if locals assume there is more involved or if someone decides to get you in trouble. 
My sister spent 6 months in Saudi in the Air Force and was quite dissappointed that she was essentially not allowed to leave the base as the Air Force decided it was just too risky.  They had bazaars come on base so people could buy trinkets.  It was just too risky that a women might expose her face on a hot day.

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