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Re: RC: Re: Re: And so it goes....

Dear Tom;
As someone who was forcibly exposed to second hand smoke for most of my
life, I found I am much healthier and happier in a place where I almost
never have to breathe the stuff. As  for the stupid laws, well, it goes much
higher up than California(please note our President and vice president, the
latter who could be an honorary Californian with his beliefs).
Our taxes are high, our gas is probably the highest in the nation, our
vehicle registration is too high, some of the air is nasty.  However, we
have very nice weather most of the time and the wind virtually NEVER comes
and sucks up our horses.  It's a trade off.
>Sounds a little anal retentive to me. California may be the stinkingest
>in the union. The pollution has now made its way all the way down the coast
>from LA to San Diego. And the stench of liberal politics emanating from the
>golden state has permeated the whole country--you can't wash that out.

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