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Re: RC: Re: RE: Interval Training

In a message dated 3/16/00 1:00:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I do my IT on a 700m oval sand track.  I do twice-weekly sessions and I mix
 aerobic & anaerobic work in the same session - not sure if this is good but
 I've always done it.  I start out with 15mins trot warm-up and then go into
 15min canter sessions, changing direction after each session.  At the end of
 each session I do a sprint trying to push up the hr as far as I can.  Its
 not easy getting him up over 200 and I'm nervous about going so fast on this
 track as the surface is a bit iffy for really fast work.>

I would tend to be nervous, too--this is not a big enough track for speeds in 
excess of about a 2:45 mile rate. Especially if it's not suitably banked. Do 
you have a nice long hell anywhere nearby?
 >Recovery time is turn-around and walk half-way round the track & then off
 again.  If he recovers to under 100 in this time I go again.  I normally
 start off with 3x 15mins aiming to work up to 8 sessions (ie 2 hours) in the
 month prior to a big ride.>

Right at about 3 weeks out, you should start to taper back--gradually cut the 
mileage (don't stop, just taper) and gradually go shorter, sharper. Last hard 
work tend days out. Short and sharp.
> I have always in the past aimed at keeping hr in the 135-140 range during
 the "resistance" work.  If I understand you correctly I should increase the
 hr to 140-150, obviously this is also increasing the speed.  I normally take
 water bottles onto the track as he gets quite hot doing this work.>

At your sharpest, 160 HR sustained would be a good target, but you have to be 
careful on that track. Look for a hill.
 >Comments please before Sunday is possible when I'm going to the track for
 the first session.>

If nothing else, I'm prompt.
 >Re carbo loaders.  Can you explain when you feel these should be used.  What
 distance?  What point on the ride?  Before vets?  At vets?  Etc.>

We've used as much as 4 oz every hour--don't forget the electrolytes--should 
probably be about half that amount at the same frequency--possibly more.
 >Thanks a lot
 SW France>

No prob.


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