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First Foal

Vicki ... we give a tetanus shot and doctor the foal's naval with iodine
immediately.  We continue doctoring with iodine every 3-4 hours the first
day and then twice a day for two more days.  We watch for the foal's system
functions and if those aren't working, we give an enema.  Best of luck to
you and let us know when the big event happens!!
happy trails
Carrie Johns
Honey Creek Farms
Mabank, Texas USA

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We are expecting (any day now) our first foal in many years. 
I would love to have some of the more experienced breeders on ridecamp share
their "newborn care routine " with me.
I keep getting mixed info on things like: iodine on navels, ivermectin for
mare after foaling, testing for antibodies.........
What do you guys do?
We have big hopes for this baby and want to everything right.
 Who has horses playing in 
six inches of snow today !  

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