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Re: RC: Horse Slaughter

I agree with Heidi 100%. ANd I have HAD this scenario happen to me. 
Try getting a divorce sometime from a spouse who doesn't care whether you
have horses or not. - and doesn't care whether they eat or not. I have
seen horses colicked because of this scenario. ( NO, not mine.) 
I have ALMOST been there. 
My dad probably gave me the best advice. He said, " If you want horses,
you better durn well have a good enough job to afford it." He was right.
It's the only protection you can truly have, and if you get laid off,
well, money IS important.
And, BTW, I lived in France for a year, and I have HAD horsemeat. At
SCHOOL. IT was lunch.  And though I was not happy that my classmates
didn't tell me what it was at first since they knew I was the local horse
nut, I have to say it tastes just fine.
We are indeed lucky to be able to have choices for our horses.
Gwen Dluehosh DVM

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:31:22 EST writes:
> situation.  
> This person may well not have time to "save" the difference.  T  (For
those of you who express > > disbelief that life can literally change in
an instant--you'd better 
> hope and > pray that it never happens to you, because it CAN, and
> DOES.)
> 2)  The person who does not live in your nice CA economic model.  In 
> my neck 
> 3)  The person who really does not give a damn one way or the other, 
> and for 
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