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Re: Re: Re: And so it goes....

Let see, Nixon was a Congressman, a vice president and a President (and on
domestic issues was quite liberal). The last time I looked whatever he did
affected both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Ronald Reagan: Governor and
President - ditto. Pete Wilson, Governor (but I don't know his previous
history, perhaps he was once on the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles
County) - ditto. Huffington, as far as I know was never elected to anything.
Look elsewhere for Los Angeles' smog.

Jerry was Govenor and didn't solve Los Angeles' smog. Willie Brown was
speaker of the house and didn't solve Los Angeles smog. Now Feinstein was in
local government, so perhaps she did it without any help of natural
geography. I haven't a clue as to what Boxer was before being a Senator, but
she has solved LAs smog.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Gary Fend <>

> Let me get this straight--Southern California is polluted?  When I think
> Southern California I think of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Pete Wilson,
> Huffington, and many other conservatives.
> While in Northern California, we not only have clean air (San Francisco is
> largest metropolitan city to meet EPA attainment standards), we have Jerry
> Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer.
> Maybe the politics of Southern California aren't liberal enough.

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