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Re: Re: clipping

Where I live night temps go down to 32 and sometimes below freezing.  Still
recommend clipping?

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> Date: Thursday, March 16, 2000 2:25 PM
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> writes:
> << > I know that during the winter they get all fluffy and not so
>  who cares...
>  Have you ever tried conditioning a horse with a thick winter coat?  Have
>  ever tried drying off a horse (on a freezing cold day) thats sweated
>  because of his shiny slick winter coat?  Try it sometime and you'll see
>  we clip competiton horses in winter! >>
> Heather is right, Renee.  A thick winter coat can greatly inhibit cooling
> a horse that has to work.  Furthermore, many horses in warmer areas have
> shed completely by the time the weather is warming up, so if worked, they
> a double whammy of overheating!  Put on your down parka and try jogging 
> several miles on a warm, humid spring day--doesn't work well at all!  
> So--clipping becomes the most logical compromise, with a commitment to
> horse to blanket if the night in ride camp dips below acceptable levels
> those less hairy.  (Have to do that with the hairy ones, too, if it is
> post-ride, because the heavy coat prevents adequate drying--so after 
> overheating, the horse then chills.  Not fun!)
> Heidi
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