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RE: clipping


Where do you live?  My horse is miserable come March in California.  He
still has tons of winter coat and I am working him pretty hard.  I think of
clipping as a real courtesy to him.  I have not yet clipped this year, but
it was 75 degrees yesterday and my guy was sweaty when I arrived at
5:15pm... imagine how he felt at 2:30pm??   I did an hour of ring work at
6:30pm Tuesday night and the poor guy was dripping.  

I plan to clip him this Saturday, and when I go ride 15 miles on Sunday I am
sure he will be very grateful.  I will blanket at night for a month or so
until it warms up more in the evenings (small trade off).  

Clipping should be about function not form.  Depending where you live it can
be detrimental or it can be extremely useful.  


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Okay..horses grow long coats to keep warm in the winter, right???
well, if you cut all of that off, they have nothing to keep warm 
But, you can put a blanket on them...right???
But what if you take the blanket off???   They would freeze their cabooses 
I just don't see the point of clipping a horse..  I mean, personally, I
they look much nicer when their coats are all slick and shiny.  
I know that during the winter they get all fluffy and not so sleek...but who

-Renee G..not to be confused with renee b....   :-)

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