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Re: RC: Re: clipping

In a message dated 3/16/00 1:07:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< > I know that during the winter they get all fluffy and not so sleek...but
 who cares...
 Have you ever tried conditioning a horse with a thick winter coat?  Have you
 ever tried drying off a horse (on a freezing cold day) thats sweated heavily
 because of his shiny slick winter coat?  Try it sometime and you'll see why
 we clip competiton horses in winter! >>

Heather is right, Renee.  A thick winter coat can greatly inhibit cooling in 
a horse that has to work.  Furthermore, many horses in warmer areas have not 
shed completely by the time the weather is warming up, so if worked, they get 
a double whammy of overheating!  Put on your down parka and try jogging 
several miles on a warm, humid spring day--doesn't work well at all!  
So--clipping becomes the most logical compromise, with a commitment to the 
horse to blanket if the night in ride camp dips below acceptable levels for 
those less hairy.  (Have to do that with the hairy ones, too, if it is cold 
post-ride, because the heavy coat prevents adequate drying--so after 
overheating, the horse then chills.  Not fun!)


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