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Re: Beet Pulp

Subject: RC: Beet Pulp

Hi Nancy

Soaked beet pulp is a great way to get water into a horse and its also an
energy source.  Molassed beet pulp water is a good way to keep bad drinkers

You could feed it just on the rides but I would recommend you feed it as
part of your horse's diet at home as well.  If you feed beet pulp you may
find you can cut the grain a bit and your horse will still keep condition.

The beet pulp shreds are the easiest way of feeding it as they rehydrate
quickly.  I think you should soak it.  I know people say you can feed it
unsoaked but the idea makes me nervous and anyway if you're trying to get
moisture into your horse feeding it unsoaked defeats the object.

If you're feeding shreds put the amount you want in a bucket and add the
same volume of cold water so that the beet is well covered.  You can use
tepid water if you're in a hurry.  Some people use boiling water but I've
always understood that some vitamins are destroyed by heat (???) so I never
use boiling water.

Quantities depend on your horse.  I've fed up to 4 scoops (round plastic
scoops) of soaked beet pulp per day in two feedings.  Some horses take a
while to adapt to beet pulp.  To make the water just put a quantity of beet
pulp in a bucket and add cold water to the top.  A bucket with a removeable
lid is best.  I have a horse who drinks badly when stabled away.  I give him
beet pulp water plus his normal water and he usually only drinks the beet
pulp water.

Beet plup also has a healthy Calcium/Phos ration.

Sorry this is a bit lengthy but hope it helps.

SW France

> Nancy Eakin
> I ride mostly NATRC and have just moved into the Open division.  After my
last ride (60 miles in two days) my horse looked so drawn.  I want to start
adding beet pulp as a "treat" in addition to his current hay and grain
ration on the rides.  I hear this will help get some moisture into him, as I
plan on soaking it.  Any comments, suggestions or guidlines anyone can give
will help.  My feed store has a shredded beet pulp w/ a small amount of
molasses added.  Is it okay to feed this just on the rides? How much and
when do I feed it?  Is it okay to give right when we come in off the trail?
Is cold water okay for soaking?  What is the water ratio?  Thanks in
advance, Nancy Eakin
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