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Re: RC: Half the horse

Selling half the horse (a partnership) is only as good as the partnership agreement, but that still doesn't make it the perfect way to sell horses.  Woefully, we have discovered over the years that somehow when money gets involved, people change.  (Not me, of course, since I am perfect already and have no need to change). 

Case in point:  We gave a friend of ours with a beautiful irrigated 40 acre pasture half interest in 4 of our broodmares in foal to our colt.  This was great for him because he has been wanting to get involved with breeding horses for several years now and great for us because of the fantastic living conditions for these mares.  No cost to us to keep our interest, no cost to him other than a minimal amount of feed in the winter and the routine veterinary stuff.  Well, one mare is dead (founder - I wrote about that last fall) and he has changed his mind about the horse breeding business.  He wants to take these mares to the livestock auction - over my dead body!!!!  Even though we have an agreement, somehow this man has it in his head that he *needs* to sell his interest in these mares now because he spent too much money on a couple of trucks he bought and he doesn't want to wait to deal with selling foals.  Hmmmm.  We *gave* him his interest in the mares and now he needs to make some immediate money with them & to hell with the horse business - with the unborn foals and the fact that these are older mares, what do you thing would happen to them at auction?  No great endurance home for those mares.  Nope.

Fortunately, he can't take them to auction because they are branded, because our names are still on the paperwork, and because of our agreement, but you can imagine where our friendship is going.  We still don't know how this will be resolved but you can be sure those mares won't be going to auction.  But you can bet your bippy that's where the foals - which are 100% his - will end up.  Lif

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