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Re: RC: Half the horse

Hi Kat 
What an interesting concept. I have been VERY fortunate with my
offspring and where they have gone. I have taken a few back when the
owners through some misfortune were no longer able to care for them and
I have purchased some back and traded some back and offered to trade a
few back. I cry over EVERY horse that leaves here and Mark says I should
not be in the business; but it is the Christmas cards and phone calls of
very happy owners and seeing beautiful babies that keep me in it.
I take more time in interviewing for a "give-a-way" horse than for a
decently priced horse and have turned down buyers--- creepy feelings
about them. 
Yes, it is a tough business and it has to be in your soul. As I once
said when a client asked a bunch of us what he could expect as a return
on his investment...."Return! Return! Don't you realize; we are PATRONS
OF THE ARTS!" By the way, I haven't bred for sales horses (just lease
mares and sell breedings) for 3 years! Would rather be sure my babies
have a good home BEFORE I breed!
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
I've learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it
gets to the end, the faster it goes. Smell the roses!

"" wrote:
> k s swigart
> The way that I maintain some semblance of control of the horses
> that I breed and sell is to sell only half the horse.  There is
> a partnership agreement between me and the "buyer" on the rights
> and responsibilities of the parties to the partnership.  Who pays
> for what under what circumstances, etc.
> These horses cannot be sold without the permission of both
> partners, cannot be shown, cannot be bred, etc.
> The effect of this is that you have to (like in any partnership),
> choose to sell your horses only to those people who you are
> willing to be in partnership with (and are willing to be in
> partnership with you).  You have to decide in advance the extent
> to which you agree on how horses should be cared for, etc.  Think
> up in advance contingencies and "exit strategies," consider and
> discuss in advance the costs of running the partnership and who
> will be responsible for those costs.  Decide whether you want to
> insure the actions of the partnership in order to mitigate
> financial liability on the part of the partners. And have it
> specifically laid out what happens to the partnership and the
> shared assets if one or both of the parties doesn't hold up its
> end of the agreement.
> Does this mean that you have to trust the people you sell horses
> to (or buy them from)?  Yep.  But if I don't trust somebody
> to be my partner, I doubt I would trust them with my horse.  If
> I didn't trust somebody to take care of a horse that I "leased"
> to them, I certainly wouldn't trust them to properly take care
> of a horse that I sold to them.
> I don't breed a lot of horses, but the ones I do breed I consider
> my responsibility for as long as they live; which doesn't mean
> that I cannot also find other people who agree with me on the
> way horses ought to be treated that will share that responsibility
> with me during the course of the horse's life...but all the money
> from any horse that I have sold goes straight into an escrow
> account on the off chance that I have to give it back (one of the
> terms of all the partnership agreements) if the person doesn't
> want the horse anymore.  So far, I haven't had to give anything
> back, or to take on any temporary expenses (which is also part
> of the partnership agreement). I figure, when the horses that I
> have bred die, I will have a nice retirement fund :).
> And there would be a lot fewer unwanted, uncared for horses out
> there if their breeders understood that by bringing the horse
> into the world, they are responsible for ensuring its care for
> its entire life.
> kat
> Orange County, Calif.
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