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re:bridle paths

  Well I trim my guys bridle paths. I wouldn't go without it. I think it not only gives them a very attractive and clean appearance to trim up there bridle path,ears,and face.But  the reason to trim the bridle path is so that the hair is out ofhte way of the bridle so it doesn't get it it's way.
   I have seen people that do not trim them and I guess it's there own opinion, but the hair usually ends up rubbing off anyhow and it looks  pretty terrible. It's best in my book to clean it up :-)
   As for the length to trim them. Different breeds have different lengths.Like Appaloosas,Quater Horses,Paints,ect use the ear of the horse to measure the length they trim back to.They lay the ear backwards and as far as the ear lays,they trim to that point back. For Arabs the stile is more to trim from 30% back so sometimes 70% or so back. I trim mine about a ear and a half back.
   Hope that was some help to you!! :)

While we are on the subject of hair, I have a question
about bridle paths.  Since I am just now learning the
Arab ways and politically correct miscellanous ways
associated with Arabs, I have a question.  Do you all
trim bridle paths on Arabs?  I have a gut feeling the
answer is no.  Always did on the OTHER trails horses
that we have, but seems to me like when I see an
Arabian he/she is al la naturalle.  I just know that
when I put her bridle on she gets disgusted with me
when I get her long hair tangled up in it and it seems
like a bridle path is the answer, HOWEVER, I don't
want her to be some geek or freak o'nature out there
on the trail because my girl is the only Arab with a
bridle path.  So, I want the truth here, spare me my
(her) feelings.  LOL  Thanks!

Terri & Starlit
Trinity Oaks Farm
Home of many gaited horses and mommy's Princess -
(I love to see my husband, Mr. Cowboy, gag when I call
her my Princess)

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