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Re: Re: What??

The growth of cells is regulated by a genetic sequence in the DNA which
essentially tells the cell how many times is should split and/or tells the
cell what the "stop growing" signals are. Cancer is the result of these
signals being interrupted and/or shut off completely. The cells then
continue to grow with no regulation mechanism telling them when to stop.
While it is possible that there could be a 'parasite' that could produce a
chemical signal that might interrupt the cells' natural mechanisms, the
likelihood of this is small as relates to most cancers. The long and short
of this being that while it is possible that this COULD happen in less than
1% of cancers, it is not likely. While I don't have a Ph.D. in the area, I
DO have a bachelors with honors in Microbiology, and I HAVE worked in cancer
biology research labs and have extended schooling in cancer biology.

Steph McCray

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