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RE: re:bridle paths

There is an ongoing disagreement about trimming face/head hair among some of
the folks at the farm where my gelding is boarded.  The most vocal ones
insist that a horse 'au natural' looks unkempt and uncared for.  One woman
insisted that a local judge said an untrimmed horse looked like a goat --
another reason to avoid the show ring.  [No flames -- I have nothing against

I've done his bridle path, though last year I decided to let it grow out.
Maybe my memory is faulty, but the biting insects seemed to really go for
his poll when it was bare.

I trim his eye hairs in the summer because I was warned that they can get
caught in his fly mask.  But I refuse to trim his ears or his muzzle because
there's no reason to do so except someone else's idea of neatness.

Those face/head hairs are present for a reason, and I'll only trim them if
there's a more important reason to do so.


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  Well I trim my guys bridle paths. I wouldn't go without it. I think it not
only gives them a very attractive and clean appearance to trim up there
bridle path,ears,and face.But  the reason to trim the bridle path is so that
the hair is out ofhte way of the bridle so it doesn't get it it's way.
   I have seen people that do not trim them and I guess it's there own
opinion, but the hair usually ends up rubbing off anyhow and it looks
pretty terrible. It's best in my book to clean it up :-)
   As for the length to trim them. Different breeds have different
lengths.Like Appaloosas,Quater Horses,Paints,ect use the ear of the horse to
measure the length they trim back to.They lay the ear backwards and as far
as the ear lays,they trim to that point back. For Arabs the stile is more to
trim from 30% back so sometimes 70% or so back. I trim mine about a ear and
a half back.
   Hope that was some help to you!! :)

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