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Re: RC: bridle path

In a message dated 03/16/2000 7:01:48 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< HOWEVER, I don't
 want her to be some geek or freak o'nature out there
 on the trail because my girl is the only Arab with a
 bridle path.  So, I want the truth here, spare me my
 (her) feelings. >>

Some peoople clip bridle paths, some don't.  I do, because I think it looks 
tidier, and my mare hates the hair tickling her ears.  I even braid her 
forelock and do it up in a little "bun" so it won't tickle.  She has masses 
of mane and forelock; the mane is very handy for hanging onto while climbing 
hills.  You won't look like a geek, no matter which way you go on this issue. 
 I don't think anyone is that fussy out there on the trail.


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