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Re: RC: bridle path

Hi, not sure what is considered "politically correct" here,
but since you see so much diversity in endurance, I think
what ever you like and works for you is OK! I have a pretty
long bridle path on my gelding. It makes him look cute and
keeps hair off of his sweaty neck. (That drives him crazy!)
Now, Rick on the other hand doesn't do the "foo-foo" stuff
and if I even look like I want to give Classy a bridle path
he jumps all over me! Likes the natural look. In the summer
I feel sorry for his horse though, his mane is very thick,
all the way to his ears, it's also long and tickles his
face/neck when he's sweaty and itchy. I'd love to take the
scissors to him!!

Donte (Look at me, I'm so beautiful!)
Classy (If you even look at me with those scissors, I'm
telling dad!)

--- T O <> wrote:
> While we are on the subject of hair, I have a question
> about bridle paths.  Since I am just now learning the
> Arab ways and politically correct miscellanous ways
> associated with Arabs, I have a question.  Do you all
> trim bridle paths on Arabs?  I have a gut feeling the
> answer is no.  Always did on the OTHER trails horses
> that we have, but seems to me like when I see an
> Arabian he/she is al la naturalle.  I just know that
> when I put her bridle on she gets disgusted with me
> when I get her long hair tangled up in it and it seems
> like a bridle path is the answer, HOWEVER, I don't
> want her to be some geek or freak o'nature out there
> on the trail because my girl is the only Arab with a
> bridle path.  So, I want the truth here, spare me my
> (her) feelings.  LOL  Thanks!  
> Terri & Starlit
> Trinity Oaks Farm
> Home of many gaited horses and mommy's Princess -
> Starlit
> (I love to see my husband, Mr. Cowboy, gag when I call
> her my Princess)  
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