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Re: RC: Re: Horse slaughter

No Heidi
I said it was "Just me!" You just posted that we should not judge others
for their personal preferences and for once we agree. No need to judge
me on mine. You can eat whatever or whomever you choose; I could care
less. I just prefer not to eat things I pet.
Bette wrote:
> In a message dated 3/15/00 11:24:31 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> <<Hi Duncan
> I agree with what you say to a point. I do not believe I have the right
> to judge others (although it is hard for me to refrain from such at
> times); however, there IS a BIG difference between an animal whom you
>  have kept in the field and has been treated dispassionately (cow) and an
>  animal who has been treated as a friend, fed treats, given some
>  decision-making power over their lives  >>
> WHAT????  You mean it was morally wrong for my parents to insist that we
> butcher and eat my bottle calves that I halterbroke, petted, "rode" out of
> the barn on occasion, and spent sunny afternoons with?  When I was 13 or so,
> I had four bottle calves that were so well trained that my sister used refer
> to them as my "four-in-hand."  Or what about my pet rabbits that eventually
> went in the stew pot?  Heck, some people even SHOW rabbits, cows, goats, etc.
> Yes, I share the societal taboo about eating my horses. But that is EXACTLY
> what it is--no more, no less.  Once again, the HORSE does not care if he
> meets his end with a needle from the vet or with a captive bolt from the meat
> man--the only atrocity is what goes on between sale and the meat man in this
> supposedly enlightened country.  (See previous posts from both myself and
> from Heather in France as to how much more sensibly this is handled
> elsewhere.)  And the HORSE certainly does not care, once he is dead, whether
> he is eaten or buried in your backyard.  That is a choice for the warm fuzzy
> feeling for the PEOPLE, not for the horse.
> Heidi
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
I've learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it
gets to the end, the faster it goes. Smell the roses!

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