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Re: Horse slaughter

But it is not so much that they
> have to do it because of economics, but that there is no ethical reason
> to - other folks have as much
> right to sell their horse for slaughter as the chicken farmers.

<<I don't think that the problem is with choosing to send the horse to
slaughter. The problem arises because of the *way* most horses are
transported and treated (or not treated) until the moment of their demise.
What I hear in these discussions is not so much wanting to decide for others
what decision they should make, but more an expression of concern for the
treatment of the animal. And I think it has been well documented that the
treatment of horses sent to slaughter is far less than humane in most cases.
This is a compassionate concern that one would hope would be considered by
anyone selecting a method to end the horse's life.
Pat Super>>

     I was so going to stay out of this discussion, as interesting as I
     find it.  But, I have to agree with the poster above who says that
     people have as much right to sell their horses as the chicken farmers.
      I think it really is a product of our emotional outlook on the horse
     that affects our thinking about its slaughter.  Have you ever seen a
     chicken truck?  Do you think those chickens are being treated humanely
     on their journey to the slaughter house?  How about cows, hogs, sheep?
      Ever witnessed part of their last trip?  It isn't pretty.  I don't
     think any of the livestock animals destined for meat are treated

     I've heard it argued that horses behave differently in these
     situations, than say, a cow would.  Fighting and such.  But chickens
     have to be the worst to each other.  I imagine 25% of chickens hauled
     to the slaughter house don't make it alive.

     If we regulate shipping conditions for horses bound for slaughter, we
     should do the same for the rest of the meat animals.

     Having said that, I also have to say that I have never sold a horse at
     auction, and I don't consider that a choice.  But I have resources
     that most people don't have, and I can retire a horse that is unsound.
     I do eat meat, but I don't eat a lot of chicken (not because of the
     trucks, to be honest, but have you ever *seen* a chicken slaughter
     house?  Yuck!)

     Kenzie & Zane
     Birmingham, AL

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