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Re: RC: Fw: Re: Tree-hugger

>In a message dated 3/15/00 6:36:36 PM Pacific Standard Time,
><< You two should drive out to New Cuyama someday and inspect the dairy
> there--- down the road from the ranch we were BRIEFLY at. There is a
> pile of manure towering over the cows' heads in the same small paddock
> they are in; the smell is overwhelming. I'm sure Steve Shaw has been by
> the place--- not a pretty sight. Maybe this is the exception to the
> rule; I wonder...... >>
>I externed in a dairy practice down in Lynne's neighborhood--and yes, what is
>being cited above is definitely the exception!  Cow manure may not be
>"pleasant" for neighbors, but by and large, the cows receive EXCELLENT care
>and first-class veterinary attention.

I get my hay from the family run commercial dairy a couple miles down the
road, and have ridden through there quite a bit.  The only pile of anything
is the sileage pile -- manure gets composted to fertilizer.  The cows are
healthy and clean and I've been in the milking barn at various times and
watched the cleaning and milking process -- wouldn't hesitate to drink the
milk (wish I'd had such a set-up when I had dairy goats!).  It's not a
horse show barn, but it is certainly adequate:  I think the New Cuyama
example is outside the norm.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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