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Pregnant & riding


I can talk about this from several perspectives.  I
hope nobody is offended as I have strong feelings on
this topic.

As a nurse - 

No reason to stop activities that you are already used
to.  As you get bigger, you will be off balance - be
aware of the possibility that you need to stop when
you start getting awkward.  You may also loose calcium
stores during pregnancy, so you are at increased risk
of broken bones in a fall.  Talk to your OB about
calcium supplements.

As a neonatal intensive care nurse for many years - 

Have you seen the he** that a premature baby goes
through?  Do you want to risk putting your child
through that pain & suffering & potential
disability for the rest of his/her life if you should
fall and go into prmature labor?  Nine months, in the
bigger scheme of things, is a drop in the bucket for a
healthy, safe pregnancy.  No, pregnancy is not a
disease.  Chances are that all will be well.  But
doesn't your unborn child deserve the same care &
worry that your precious newborn baby would get?  

Ask yourself if the reason you want to ride is the
baby's best interest, or your own interests and

As a woman - 

I have carried, and lost, 5 babies, all in the second
& third trimester due to my medical problems.  If the
OB told me to do a headstand & whistle Dixie for 9
months, you better believe I'd do it if I thought that
it would have saved even one of my children!  There is
nothing worse than holding a beautiful, perfectly
formed, <dead> son or daughter after 18 hours of
labor.  Women with easy pregnancies have little
understanding of the many things that can go wrong as
well.  Why add to the many possibilities related to a
fall.  (Abruption, uterine rupture, hemorrhage...)

As an endurance rider - 

I hate the down time.  I hate the loss of conditioning
for me & the horse.  I miss riding, being outdoors,
galloping...  I substitute ground work, driving,
grooming, teaching horsie tricks, just relaxing &
watching them play in the field.

Nobody can tell you what to do, least of all a bunch
of folks on the internet.  You need to ask yourself
what risks you are taking, and what will you think if
(heaven forbid) you lose the baby.  Even if it had
NOTHING to do with riding, the possibility that riding
might have made a difference will haunt you for the
rest of your life. 

You have to decide for yourself if the risks of injury
to you & your baby outweigh the benefits and pleasures
of riding for an extra 9 months out of your life.

Blue Wolf Ranch
West Virginia

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