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Re: RC: slaughter to superstar

In a message dated 3/15/00 9:33:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< The second horse presented that night came from that pen.  His name was 
 Redman.  He was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen, especially all 
 tacked up and blowing smoke--he was very nervous.  Suddenly, we were 
  I couldn't even breathe I was so excited and nervous.  The gavel fell at 
 $1,250--I think it was a record for an Arab at this auction house.  They 
 don't like "them Arabs" much there. >>

I love stories like these.  I got Dance at an auction.  Rebel was headed for 
one, my neighbor had just had him gelded and he was still jumping his fence 
and raping the mare next door.  He sold Rebel to me, unbroke, for 500 bucks.  
At the rate he's going with my daughter Rebel will be doing hundreds next 

Training and conditioning and taking it slow are what make the horse 
transform from average to super in the endurance world.  My next horse will 
come from an auction and will have Arab blood.  Not only are you saving alot 
of bucks (Arabs go for 500 dollars or less at these things) you are most 
likely saving the life of the horse.

Damn, now I sound like a horse hugger with that last statement.  Oh well, 
guess I'm guilty.

Ti, where's that recipe?  I'm leaving tomorrow.


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