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Re: RC: Slaughter

In a message dated 3/14/00 9:45:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Another perspective---is that you folks in CA, etc., know a horse bound for
 the slaughterhouses in Texas is in for a long, unpleasant (to say the least)
 ride---whereas if a person in my area of Texas so chose, he/she could call
 the slaughterhouse and literally make an appointment to take the horse
 directly there and the horse would be put down immediately.   Quite a
 difference. >>

Yep, and that is one of the sad aspects of the CA law, IMO.  There is a lot 
more suffering on the ride through 8 states and what the horse goes through 
beforehand than there is in the actual slaughter process.

Furthermore, those who have dealt with the large corporate plants report that 
they are not as careful and caring as our small local plants used to be--our 
local plant was burned by arsonists (thought it was PETA involved, but 
someone on another board corrected me and told me it was ALF)--I had been on 
the kill floor there on several occasions and NEVER saw anything even CLOSE 
to the atrocities that some report from the big plants.  (I don't believe a 
great many of the reports, but do believe some of the USDA stats and 
observers.)  Now local horses bound for slaughter make the trek to Alberta, 
Canada--not dissimilar from CA horses going to Texas.  Nope, if anything, the 
anti-slaughter folks have INCREASED horse suffering--not mitigated it.


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