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Re: Horse slaughter

> But, most people aren't in the market for older, sick, unsound horses and
some people who own such animals, may not be able to care for them any
longer.  It seems that in cases like these, it is common for a horse to end
up destined for slaughter.  Like I said, it is sad...and it is too bad that
all horses can't live out the rest of their days happy, with a big grass
belly and the feeling that they are loved by someone.

Yes it is sad but it is largely of a problem of our own making due to gross
over-production in the horse breeding industry world-wise and its the fault
of breeders (ok, ok, not all!!)world-wide who will not cull.

Before you all jump down my throat I class myself in the second category
because we have bred 2 foals who had serious limb deviations and who should
really have been put down at birth.  However we spent fortunes on these
babies and they eventually found homes but many people continue to breed
duds but then send them to be slaughtered.

When I first went to Poland to the Prestige Sale I was curious looking at
the catalogue because listed occasionally in the mare's progeny record was
the word "eliminated".  I asked a friend what this meant and she said "just
that" ie the foal was euthanized at birth due to some defect or other.

With our western habit of deifying animals we are providing work and
materials for the slaughter houses.

In the US will the slaugher houses not come and collect?  ie you have your
horse euthanized at "home" and the body is then collected?  In rural areas I
can see this is a problem.  I think if it was me and the case was non-urgent
I would take my horse to the vet to be euthanized as most horse vets have
arrangements for the bodies to be collected.

SW France

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