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Re: RC: Re: Re: Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

Okay, I haven't been following this one....BUT...that doesn't mean I don't 
have an opinion on horse slaughter.  
    Personally, I think that, once the horse is done with it, the body is 
just "extra" (can't think of a better word..sorry)..  But this doesn't mean 
that people don't feel some attachment to the remains of their 
    You have to do something with the body of a horse when it dies.  And, for 
many people, the body is just too big to bury on their have to 
have the tools to dig an extremely large hole.  If a person has access to 
machinery to dig such a hole, as well as the land on which to dig it, there 
is no reason not to bury the  horse on the property, if the person so 
desires.  However, if burying the horse at home is not an option, something 
still needs to be done with the body.  And, that means that the body can be 
hauled away and disposed of.  
    Now, as for slaughtering horses because there is nothing else to do with 
them, I think this is sad.  It is a shame that every horse cannot have a 
loving home with a human who cherishes every moment they spend with them.  
But, most people aren't in the market for older, sick, unsound horses and 
some people who own such animals, may not be able to care for them any 
longer.  It seems that in cases like these, it is common for a horse to end 
up destined for slaughter.  Like I said, it is sad...and it is too bad that 
all horses can't live out the rest of their days happy, with a big grass 
belly and the feeling that they are loved by someone.

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