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Re: Re: Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

I guess everything is relative----when my daughter's horse died way far from
home at a vet husband drove 600 miles---loaded the horse on the
flat bed---packed the body with ice...tied it up with a tarp...and brought
the horse home to be buried in the front pasture.
     I myself can't imagine being so destitute that I had to sell my best
buddy at the auction...I'd give up a whole lot before I'd ever do that.
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> .  We have had to hire a hole dug to bury a horse.  I'm not
> > aware of any laws in our area that prohibit that.  It's a lot better
> > some of the dairy farmers who drag dead cows and calves out to wherever
> > their "dead bovines spot" is and let the scavengers have at them.
>             Just a reminder to everybody that the scavengers are Nature's
> way---it is us people who think we must bury them.    When your horse dies
> on his own, or is euthanized--when that light in their eyes goes out--your
> horse is no longer there--it is just flesh and bones that don't care about
> anything.
>     Claudia
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