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Re: RC: Re: Horse Savaging / CA law

>            Not that I am PRO-slaughter--but they do serve a purpose in some
> ways.  BUT- In CA---what happens to all the unwanted, unloved, neglected
> horses that would go to slaughter elsewhere???   Do you have pastures of
> starving horses, or horses being given away, etc. etc.  ???   What has this
> done to the market??   Seems like you would end up with a lot of freebies or
> "dirt cheap".
> Claudia

The law enacted in CA by initiative only prohibits the slaughter of
horses for human consumption or their export to other states for that
purpose.  It may be a stupid law, but it does not preclude the rendering
of horses for non-human-consumption purposes (e.g., dogfood.)


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