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Has anyone else had a problem with a horse thinking joggers are some kind of 
personal affront?  Special is not at all a spooky horse, but just had a huge 
reaction to a group of high school track and field kids jogging on a road.  
At first I thought they spooked her, but she kept trying to spin around and 
follow them and kept yelling at them.  Finally, after we reached our 
destination and turned around to head back, she took off in a dead gallop on 
a paved road and I had to turn her off the road into a field to regain 
control.  She persisted in trying to break into a gallop until the joggers 
were back in sight, then started screaming at them and really fighting me.  
Finally passed them and she heaved a sigh and slowed down and relaxed.  
Racing other horses I can understand, but humans?  

Rhonda and Special -- I can take them!  Really I can.

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