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Be Careful with your sweet, playful horse that just needed
a change in environment. The fact that he "still challenges" you
may presage an out break on a "bad day". However you said he
wasn't as bad as Jen's horse, so maybe we are talkining apples and oranges. 
Hey, Fling pins her ears at me- only at feeding time (briefly-she doesn't 
get her feed unless she "smiles") and tightening the girth. She has been
known to kick-
ergo the red ribbon she sports at every event, but only if hurt (the 
chiropractor wasn't pleased, but then neither was she after putting up
with his adjustments for 1/2 hour) or defending her space from a horse she 
has warned at least once (actually only did it twice in her life, early in
career, but I still don't trust her). However, she has never, ever
threatened to 
bite or kick me or another animal aggressively and without provocation as 
Jen's gelding did. She would be lion meat if she ever had (Great Adventure
is just around the corner,
I keep remindung her!). There is a difference between normal threats under 
normal circumstances and random, repeated aggression 
without obvious provocation. Herbals will not cure psychoses.

Sarah and Fling (hey, I did protect Dad (Charlie-31 yrs) from that other

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