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Re: RC: Horse Savaging (LONG)

I was going to say that this animal sounds like a good candidate for ALPO 
training, but since you're in California, I think Lynn's solution is good.  I 
agree with you, there are too many nice horses out there (many of whom need 
good homes!) to put up with a dangerous one.  If merely sold, it could be a 
kid that is on the receiving end of this horse's bad day, eventually.

 The Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, CA accepts donations of horses to
 humanely butcher for meat on site for the big cats it rescues, and I
 understand they provide the appropriate paperwork to document the horse
 owner's charitable donation.  If the horse's owner is an attorney surely
 she can appreciate that turning this beast into a tax deduction beats being
 the defendant in a lawsuit. It's a shame that all his good qualities are
 offset by him being a dangerous "psycho" -- but some behaviors can't be
 tolerated and in his case sound unlikely to change.
 Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA) >>

Trish & King David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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