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Re: RC: Trail Constuction issues

In a message dated 03/13/2000 5:37:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< The area is within the annual flood plain of the Staunton
 River and includes some wetlands,  along with numerous small stream &
 drainage ditch crossings.  I've  come up with some ideas for hardened
 crossings, but I'd like information on practices that have demonstrated
 staying power in the field." >>

How about Corduroy?  Not the fabric, but the road (trail) stabilization 
system.  It's an old construction and works well in wetlands and on slippery 
surfaces, such as clay. Can't tell you where to find construction techniques, 
but it's fairly simple. Maybe some old military manual would have something 
on the subject. The ACE would likely place more faith in something they read 
out of an old military engineers manual than something they heard from a 
modern endurance rider. The park service uses this technique in the wetlands 
of CA parks. I've seen it used in Kngs Canyon N.P.


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