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award ideas

Thank you so much for the donations to our ride, the Okmulgee Cougar Prowl!
 Because of this, I could have some "fun" awards.  I tried to insert my
 but it did not work, and I hate to send an attachment to everyone, so here
 is the short list, besides the regular awards.  My favorite, a new one this
 year, is MIDDLE OF THE PACK, or ENDURANCE PACE for those who know what a
 hunter pace is.
 Best Vet Score
 First Mare, Gelding, Stallion
 Oldest Horse:  (TOGY, age 22)
 Smallest Horse AERC #: (BW Atesch #3742)
 Smallest Human AERC#: (Karren Beason #11)
 First time 50 mile riders

 This gives people a chance to win things when they don't finish top ten.
 was a lot of fun, and everyone learned to appreciate some of the other
 riders/horses a bit more, I think.

 Complete Ride Results will be posted on the central region homepage.

 Happy Trails!

 Louise Burton
 Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

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