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Re: RC: Saddle Fit


FIRST fit the saddle to the horse.  After that, worry about your ownfit.

Well, how does it fit your guy????

Snug/room becomes a matter of personal preference.  I prefer inbetween
so I can move about for up/down hills.  I like to be able to put at
least a fingers width behind me in the seat, & I shouldn't be rubbing on
the pommel.

You want the stirrups hanging in a balanced position under you.   When
you pick up your stirrups, they should allow your heel to be aligned
with your shoulder & hip.  If you are used to western show saddles, you
may be used to your legs more in front & sitting more back in the
saddle.  Get someone to look at you when mounted & see what they think.

Good luck!  Crates makes a nice saddle, but the only "good" saddle is
the one that firts BOTH of you.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV 

Kim Wende wrote:
> I'm kinda new to long distance riding and was wondering if anyone can
> help.  I recently purchased a Crates Endurance Saddle that has a 15"
> seat and I was wondering if you should feel a little snug in the seat or
> have plenty of room.

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