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Need Horse Transportation - New Mexico Renegade Ride to Chicago or Colorado - Will help with $

Alisa Waxman
Hello Ridecamp!
I've been out of touch and have not read ridecamp for some time.  Hope all is well and that you all are still up to your spirited tricks!  I have a favor to ask.  I need to see if anyone is going to Renegade and might have room in their trailer to help bring my horse (Pye)home from New Mexico.  She's been down there since January, and all of my three planned sources to get her home have disappeared!  If you are from the midwest, or just passing though on your way home and could help me out getting her to Chicago or even sort of close, I'd appreciate it!
Email or call me at work (800)621-1911 X71273, or at home (773) 248-0777.  Thanks,  Alisa Waxman
P.S.  One other alternative might be for me to get Pye to the Kewish's place (Kizmet Arabians) in Howard, Colorado, where I need to deliver my other horse for breeding.  That way, if I drive out to CO, I can drop off one and pick up the one from New Mexico.  Let me know if you can help!  Thanks!

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