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Re: what type of oil?

> If you can find unrefined soybean oil (try
> a feed dealer), it is great.  Our horses love it and it has so much
> vitamin E we don't have to worry about it spoiling

Thanks for the advice Maggie. I'll check with my feed stores. Right now as
soon as I open the bottle I sqeeze a dozen or so Vit E capsules into the oil
and shake it up good.

> Your horses are only getting about 1 and 1/2 ounces (1 cup between 5
> horses, right?)...that's not much.  Even when we recommend feeding oil to
> help a horse with dry hooves/hair, we recommend 4 oz./day.

I have one old horse that's looking a bit poor this spring. And the two
horses I bought late last fall do have dry coarse coats.

>I'm not sure if
> that small amount will have much impact on them....if you are just
> out with plans to gradually increase, then good for you

I am just starting out. I started with 1/2 cup between the five and have
worked up to one cup. Probably a little on the conservative side. I'll
probably go up to 2 cups between them all and then gauge it by the results
and their weight.

> I swear by the beet pulp and oil though....having great results on trail
> and at home feeding both.  Good luck!!

Great!! This is all in preparation to doing several LD rides this year. They
all ate the mash mix with great enthusiasum this morning. Progress!


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