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Bum knees and joint lubes

I thought I would ask anyone in the glucosomine and chondrortin(sp) how 
about shark cartilage?? anyone out there taking shark cartilage?
I have some fluid on the knee from that nasty bruise i took! was just 
wondering since i have to do some leg workouts. I will combine with my ab 
work. anybuddy have any good leg workouts to get my knees back into riding 
shape? I have some exercises I am doing now but doing step work bores me to 
Carla *step up step down step up step down.....*
Ansata (hey how about backing out of a trailer?)
Haley (try rolling in the mud I get my girlish figure that way!)
Rob (have you seen the mud dobber yet? I am never gonna get her clean)
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